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In 2020, Misfits Gaming Group launched the Florida Mutineers, and joined the newly established Call of Duty franchise league as one the 12 inaugural teams to compete.


Based in MGG’s South Florida offices, the idea of the Mutineers was inspired by Florida’s rich history in the sea trade, our name representing the camaraderie born of chaos and conquests.


Misfits Gaming Group is a global esports and entertainment company. We compete in some of the most successful video game titles worldwide and are permanent partners in two franchised esports leagues, including the CDL as well as the Overwatch League with Florida Mayhem. MGG was founded by Ben Spoont in partnership with Syfy Channel founders Laurie Silvers and Mitch Rubenstein. Since its inception in 2016, MGG has risen to powerhouse status in esports through world-class management and a deep understanding of the esports ecosystem to establish fruitful partnerships with international brands and organizations, and a commitment to growth through the players and the community.

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